Training Programs

Quality Professional Development

How We Deliver Professional Development to You

Our professional development is delivered through Skype, Google Hangouts, and webinars allowing for high quality and cost-effective professional development.

Skype and Google Hangout

We will ask you to send us as many of the questions in advance as possible and any supporting materials.  We will be prepared to answer and discuss with you related to your specific situation so the more background information you can provide, the more productive the session will be. You are not limited to the questions you send in. If time permits we address any additional questions you may have.


Webinars are about the development of professional capacity. We keep the focus on what your attendees want to learn by making your webinar a conversation. Our goal is to draw participants into the webinar as active participants. We host webinars in teams of two: a presenter and a moderator.  We can provide quality cost-effective professional development on topics impacting teaching, learning, school use of social media, digital leadership, branding, and instructional leadership.

Keynote Speeches and Workshops

We are available for a limited number of keynote speeches and workshops.  We pre-meet to discuss your specific needs and continue the dialogue until we know exactly what you want and the message you want to communicate.  Our Keynote speeches blend humor, story, and important information supporting messages you communicate to your team.  Workshops are catered to meet your needs, are highly interactive, fun, and give staff ideas they can use the next day in their classroom.

One-On-One Mentoring

Evan has mentored many administrators over his career with great success. Evan works effectively with new principals to help them develop their leadership skill, communication skills, effective relationships and instructional knowledge. Administrators from your division will have access to Evan through texting, email, phone, and Skype.  Principal retention is critical for school stability.  Help new leaders learn and build their leadership skills.