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Our Purpose

We believe in education. We believe in teachers. We believe in students. Education is changing, we need to prepare students for the world that will be different from the world we know. Administrators and teachers make people better by embracing research-based change, collaboration, the impact of the teacher, and the word “YET!”

We Believe in Giving Back

Each year, Laura and Evan will provide two free days or eight Skype sessions of professional development to qualifying schools in the United States.  Our goal is to  support high-poverty schools in their efforts to improve literacy across the  curriculum. Click here to learn more and apply now.

Our Services Can Help Your Division


Experienced Leadership

Evan Robb is an award-winning nationally known principal and author with over 20 years administrative experience and creator of The Robb Review Blog.

Quality Professional Development

Our professional development focuses on leadership and literacy.  Through collaboration and open communication, we strive to meet the goals that will improve students’ achievement and teachers’ expertise.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

Evan and Laura have the expertise and experience to help you reach your goals. Our experience can help you save time on our journey of excellence for students, staff, and families.

Nationally Known Speaker and Author

Laura Robb is an award-winning, nationally known literacy expert, teacher, and author.

Collaborative Approach

As we work together, we’ll frequently communicate with staff to adjust plans and goals and foster a growth mindset.

Active Listeners

Every word, phrase, and story you share about your school is a key to exploring creative solutions that help us help you meet your goals.
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