Improving Student Learning is Evan's Goal

Evan will take the time to get to know you and your story. Then, he will assist you with quality professional development to improve teaching, learning,and building your brand of excellence.


Evan Robb delivers on all of these tenets of great keynote speakers. After attending his keynote I left knowing he spoke from experience, was able to relate through powerful stories, and felt inspired by the message and call to action.

Patrick Hausammann – Keynote Attendee

 Committed to Your Success

 Your words communicate who you are, what you want to be, and your “why.” Evan offers many cost effective services to help you and your team find your greatness.

  • Professional Development
    Personalize your professional development.  Evan will talk with you to find out exactly what you need and the goals you have.
  • Reading and Writing
    Learn how to improve all aspects of your reading program and increase reading across your school and division.  Also, learn strategies to teach writing with our method called progressive mastery.
  • Teaching Strategies 
    Enjoy discussing and sharing ideas on how to make reading a more strategic process for the teacher and how to help students understand the strategies worked on through building common language across a school
  • Differentiating Instruction
    Effective strategies for staff to meet the needs of all learners in their classrooms.  Evan will provide long term and short term ideas to help teachers succeed.
  • Leadership and the Principal
    Leadership is challenging, Evan mentor’s principals on effective ways to lead and support the growth of teachers.
  • The Digital Principal
    Learn effective ways to lead technology in your school and how to use technology to communicate with students, staff, and families.  Learn how to manage Twitter, Facebook, and other mediums to promote your school.
  • Instructional Leadership
    How to lead an instructional program focused on continuous improvement.  Launching initiatives, communicating initiatives, and how to effectively monitor initiatives.
  • Branding your School
    Learn effective methods to promote your school brand to students, staff, and your community.
  • Walk-Through Observations
    Learn effective methods to use walk-through observations by providing specific feedback through a collaborative process of creating instructional targets.
  • Flipping Faculty Meetings
    Learn strategies to launch flipped meetings.  What do they look like? What would be good topics to start with?  How can an administrator lead this?  Learn clear strategies to allow the principal to lead this exciting change!
  • Book Studies
    Staff work on their own professional development through organized book studies.  Learn how to launch an effective book study for your staff and how to use Google Docs and Twitter to extend the conversation!
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